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About Us

A group of companies Community and Commercial with goodwill. We explore all possibility to create new artifact and among are two areas of our business interest. Community of pleasurable living. Creative space and artifact that inspire people who live in or using it.



Rajanakarn Office Space

Rajanakarn Building - Sathorn

33 Office Building - Pradipat

33 Space - Pradipat


Rajanakarn Residential Space

Rajanakarn Apartment - Uthairat

33 Residence - Pradipat


Retail & Commercial Space

Bon Marche


Investment Property

Units for sale/rent


Design & Architecture

Architecture & Interior Design

Design Plus Studio


Furniture & Decorative Items

D 360 Studio


Art Gallery

@Bon Galleria


Business Units

Construction & Property Consultancy



Facilities & Building Management

Security & Cleaning Services


Meetings & Events

Function Rooms

Activity & Events


Bottled Water

Bon Drinking Water