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Privacy Policy for the Use of Rajanakarn Building’s Website

To offer products and services that match the interests of users while protecting personal information and keeping it safe, including allowing website users to choose the news they are interested in as needed.

Purposes of Collecting Personal Information

To give consent to the Company in order to carry out the collections, processings or uses of personal data for the following purposes:

  • To communicate, notify information related to the Company’s services and products, and offer products and services you might be interested in.
  • To create marketing plans, analyze and process usage data including improvements, and development of products and services of the company.
  • To send to third parties or business partners related to the products and/or services of the Company

Data Retention Policy

This policy is for the maintenance of tenants’ personal information in possession of Rajanakarn Management Co., Ltd. Personal information includes what you provide us through the Company’s channels, both offline and online, such as date to visit our premises, websites, social media (“Platforms”). The channels are created to enable you to search, visit and use the Company’s products and services such as:

  • Office Space for Rent
  • Storage Space for Rent
  • News, and Promotions of Products and Services
  • Actions and Procedures related to Products and Services

Before using this website, we ask that you read the terms, conditions and privacy policy thoroughly. If you are unable to accept the Terms and Conditions of our Privacy Policy, we request that you immediately cease using this website. If you agree to continue using it, you are bound to agree to the terms, conditions and privacy policy mentioned. The Company has privacy policy to protect personal information as follows:

  1. Definitions

“Personal Information” means information regarding an individual, which makes it possible to identify that person either directly or indirectly.

“Cookies” means information sent from the website to the computer of website visitors while visitors are visiting the website.

  1. Collection of Personal Information

2.1 The Company will collect your personal information that the Company receives, both directly and indirectly, which consists of:

    • Personal information such as first name, last name, phone number.
    • Information about your interests such as the type of products and services you are interested in, potential date and time to visit the premises.
    • Website browsing behavior; The company reserves the right to use Cookies as a tool to collect information such as
      • IP address
      • The type of web browser used to access the Company’s website
      • Web pages visited
      • Time of visit
      • Websites referring to the Company’s website
    • Information you need to provide to the Company, and the Company is allowed to process the given personal data as required by law without asking for consent, is as follows:
      • Providing information to comply with a law or contract, or as required to provide information for a contract, or any other information as required by law. If you do not provide your personal information as required, the Company may not be able to process it for you as you wish, or in accordance with the Company’s objectives which have been stated clearly prior to the collection, or no legal obligation.
      • Providing information that is necessary for the Company’s legitimate interests, such as collecting pictures of you at the Company events, etc.
    • Other personal information, which the company will ask for your consent prior to collection.

2.2 The Company will collect your personal information only as necessary, or for the purposes of collecting mentioned and in accordance with the law only.

2.3 Methods of Collecting Personal Information: 

    • Through the Company channels, electronically, documentally, orally according to the given situation; or
    • Through the channels of partners / other service providers such as Facebook and Line to create profiles, or agents (agents), etc.

2.4 Minor

    • The Company does not intend to collect personal information from persons under the legal age limit (“Age Restriction”). If you are under the age limit, please do not use the Company’s services, and do not provide any personal information to the Company.
    • If you are a parent of a minor and acknowledge that your child has provided personal information to the Company, please contact the Company and feel free to exercise your rights.
    • If you are a minor and it is necessary to receive the services and products of the Company, kindly provide parental consent to the provision of your personal information. 
  1. Purposes of Collection/Use/Disclosure of Person

The company has the purpose to collect, use or disclose the personal data as follows:

3.1 To make transactions as you wish, such as in the event that you register for information and promotions, the Company will store and use only basic information such as name-surname, telephone number for contacting you back. In the case of online booking, the Company will store and use the information necessary to issue important documents for making reservations.

3.2 For correction, improvement of website performance, marketing planning,  data usage analyzing, service assessment, and developing products and services of the Company.

3.3 To communicate and inform you about promotions related to the Company’s products and services, including privileges, product related promotions and such services or any changes regarding the Privacy Policy in the future. 

3.4 To carry out the contract to which you are a party, including with the contracting parties of the Company, such as sharing your location to determine the location of another person.

3.5 To take legal actions, such as to prevent or suppress a danger to the life, body or health of a person; to research for studies or statistics to provide appropriate safeguards. This is to protect your rights and freedom.

3.6 For other purposes stated at the time of collecting your personal information or other purposes related to any of the above items.

3.7 The Company will not use or disclose your personal information unless it is used or disclosed to the extent necessary for the purposes stated above, or is disclosed to any person in the Company, or persons involved under the specific contract, or to take legal action according to government agency, regulators, or with your consent.

  1. Persons Who May Receive Your Personal Information

4.1 The Company’s business partners, and employees of related firms.

4.2 Persons authorized to be representatives of the Company in the sales of products and services of the Company, including the person’s contractor’s representative.

4.3 Other persons, including their agents, contractors which operate on the Company’s products and services, activities concerning marketing, presentation of the Company news, quality improvement of the Company’s products and services, such as payment procedures, documentation technology systems, document submission and research, etc.

4.4 Government agencies, or regulatory agencies, or any person to whom the Company must disclose information required by laws, regulations, or orders related to the Company or according to the agreement the Company has with government agencies or any other person.

  1. Information Security

5.1 The Company uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which is a standard cryptographic protocol designed to provide communications security over a computer network and internet, data encryption and firewall. Secured Socket Layer (SSL) is technology designed to access information through passwords in order to prevent those who secretly intercept data while it is transmitted over the internet. Entering data through this code will make the interceptor unable to understand the meaning of the data. The Company will update and test its system regularly to ensure that your personal information is as secure and reliable as possible. In this regard, the Company reserves the right to change its security tools if the company sees that the new tool has a higher standard and can provide better information security.

5.2 In case the Company makes an agreement with a third party to develop and maintain the system, and allocates resources or services on behalf of the Company, third parties who come to operate for the Company or acting on behalf of the Company must agree not to disclose your personal information as well.

  1. Data Subject Right

6.1 The person who owns the personal data has the right to request access, obtain a copy of the personal information concerning one that has been provided and is under the Company’s control. The Subject also has the right to request to disclose the acquisition of your personal data that you have not given consent to, except for the protection of the data owner, or the rights and liberties of other people, or as it is against the law or court order, or other cases as required by law.

6.2 You may notify the Company to cancel the use of personal information, or disclose personal information of which you have given consent to. After such cancellation, the Company may not be able to serve you to the best of our ability, or as the Company has ensured you. However, the provided personal information may be stored for the purpose of providing services to you, or taking legal actions, and the Company will not use your personal information for any other purposes.

6.3 If the Company fails to store and secure personal information as required by law, you may request the Company to destroy, delete or temporarily suspend the use of your information, or convert personal data into anonymity. 

6.4 Any other rights as stated by law, such as the Right to Rectification, the right to Request for Suspension of Use. You may object to the processing of your personal information within limitations.

6.5 You may exercise the aforementioned rights by giving the Company written notice via info@rajanakarn.co.th The company will consider your request and inform the result within 30 days from the day the Company receives such request.

  1. Marketing and Promotions

In the event that the Company sends information about marketing and promotions including products, services, and businesses that are interesting to you, if you have agreed to receive such information but now wish to opt-out of receiving such information, you can unsubscribe to our Newsletter by giving us a written notice via info@rajanakarn.co.th 

  1. Exceptions to the Protection of Personal Information

In the case that it is not considered a violation of the Privacy Policy, for example:

8.1 Personal information has been disclosed to the public since the time you disclose it to the Company, or has been disclosed to the public not by the Company’s actions.

8.2 Disclosure of personal information with your consent, whether in written form, or permission granted by any other means.

8.3 Disclosure of information as necessary due to acts of law, orders, regulations, court orders, government agencies or as required by any other necessities. 

  1. Duration of Keeping Personal Information

The Company will keep your personal information for as long as necessary in order to serve you or carry out the stated objectives.

  1. Updates to Privacy Policy 

10.1 The Company may make amendments on details of the Privacy Policy wholly or partially. Should there be a modification of the policy, the Company will update the privacy policy on the website.

10.2 Users’ feedback is important. Please feel free to give us comments on the Privacy Policy via Privacy Policy. However, Users agree that the Company’s discretion is final.

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